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Restore integrity through insight.
A world in which people do what they say, are forthright in their communications, and a handshake solidifies any promise.

Provide integrity-centered leadership counsel.
Through our integrity-based services, we improve productivity for the investor, executive, team, culture, organization and the individual.

No substitute for the truth
Creating and supporting a climate that encourages forthright communications - including presenting the bad news first - enables members of the organization to function more effectively.

Verbal handshake
Promises are made and kept. Integrity, timeliness, quality and loyalty are reflections of what it means to honor commitments.

Intensity, sensitivity and follow-through
Productivity is measured in accomplishment and impact. Graphs measure productivity. High morale and constructive relationships emerge when what people say is reflected in how they treat others.

"Integrity is one of several paths; it distinguishes itself from the others because it is the right path and the only one upon which you will never get lost." -- M.H. McKee


When businesses fail in their values, they decay from the inside. In the late 1990's, values came to be viewed as expensive and conservative relics of the old economy. In the race to sell the latest and greatest product or service, the false promises of hollow values spoke too frequently to what we would not or could not do. As we begin the Twenty-first Century, the excesses of a few appear to have punished the whole of society, especially the economy. A world has been created where the prevailing structures promote the politics of convenience over the commitment of leadership. Too large a part of the business community enjoyed the excesses of luxury as it drifted from quick deals to devastating dishonesty. It should be common knowledge that free markets must operate with integrity, a culture of compliance, or face increasing government oversight.

If you are interested in developing integrity in your business, capturing customers, motivating your workforce, and setting your organization apart, then turn to our consulting services and come away with a process to re-ignite the fire that drives integrity inside and beyond your enterprise.

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Jane K. Bracher

Jane K. Bracher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dimension Five Consultants, Inc. founded in 1980, helped expand services globally. Addressing management and leadership development concerns, Jane grew the firm from a few word-of-mouth referrals to a consulting brand known for identifying talent, domestically and internationally. By coordinating team building for organizational impact and profit; she grew her job in accounting (where she started, part time, for two weeks) to operations, culminating with her becoming CEO.

In 1993, Jane renamed Dimension Five’s individual leadership assessment approach, originally called profiling. She saw ways to better leverage the value-added impact of Dimension Five’s executive effectiveness process, building a consulting approach into a brand, called a leadership Portrait. The value-added element of this approach would provide clients with a powerful differentiator. Instead of focusing narrowly on how people currently behaved, using a standard organizational development approach, Jane saw that focusing on the potential of the individual would better enable clients to capitalize on Dimension Five’s high-speed, accurate and effective leadership counsel.

The Portrait process became the leadership and teambuilding platform that enabled individuals to even more constructively impact organizational growth and productivity - providing tools and processes that could:

Dimension Five services were featured on network television, in national newspapers and business journals. Jane and Jim Bracher were the originators of the “Talking with Leaders” symposia, celebrating the first ten years of Dimension Five Consultants in 1990 - hosting President Gerald Ford and early in 1991- Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick.

Jane encouraged Dimension Five’s Founder, Jim Bracher, to provide an on-line service, creating the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership in 2004, offering a free “library” on its Resources page. The resources page focuses on the role of integrity in effective leadership; sharing insights from consultation with 8,000 leaders.

Following her retirement from the Bracher Center, in December 2007, Jane will continue to serve as CEO of Dimension Five Consultants, Inc. - having relocated the firm’s offices from Monterey, California, to nearby Carmel, simultaneously scaling down the consulting services from national and international assignments to primarily regional projects.

Prior to her operational role with Dimension Five, Jane, and educator, focused on early childhood development, having taught at the Church of St. Michael and George, St. Louis, Missouri.

Following her decade as a “stay-at-home” mother, wife and partner with Jim, Jane returned to the working world, outside the home, to expedite the launching and expansion of Jim’s entrepreneurial efforts, Dimension Five Consultants and later the formation and development of the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership.

Jane’s education: Elmhurst College, Elmhurst Illinois; The American School, Jerusalem, Israel; and Mansfield College, Oxford University, England. Hobbies: music, travel, reading and golf (but only on warm clear days).

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James F. Bracher

James F. BracherJim Bracher, architect for the renewal of integrity-centered leadership, created the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership in 2002, as an extension of his 33 years advising individuals and organizations. Those who have sought Jim's counsel include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and individuals addressing succession concerns. Jim's leadership development firm Dimension Five Consultants, Inc., of which he is Founder and Chairman, is located in Monterey, California, and was established in 1980.

In October, 2007, Jim was named Director, Executives-in-Residence, at the Foundation of California State University Monterey Bay, CSUMB, in Seaside, California. Executives-in-Residence provides motivated students access to and insights from some of the most successful and influential leaders in the world; many of whom reside locally and are volunteering their career guidance expertise. Capitalizing on a network of clients, colleagues and friends, Jim is offering similar counsel to what has been provided through the Bracher Center and Dimension Five Consultants.

The motivation for the Bracher Center grew from suggestions of clients. They realized that Dimension Five was collecting data concerning effective and integrity-centered leadership that would enable leaders to gain insight into their own operational effectiveness as well as that of their organizations. Jim also saw a need for a Resources section on the website focused on learning, study, and knowledge concerning the role of integrity in effective leadership. The Bracher Center shares insights that have been gained by Dimension Five in consultation with 8,000 leaders.

His work has been featured on network television, in national newspapers and business journals. He is the originator of the "Talking with Leaders" symposia. Jim writes a weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, and he is published in both English and Spanish. Jim has conducted leadership effectiveness workshops - MBA Impact - in association with Extended Education at California State University - Monterey Bay. Jim lectures on leadership and golf based on his published-research in PGA Professionals Magazine - September, 2006: Leadership requirements similar for PGA Professionals and corporate executives - "What they didn't teach you in business school that your golf professional might"

Prior to Dimension Five, Jim, an ordained clergyman, served ten years as a chaplain, associate minister, and senior pastor. His assignments were Saint Louis Country Day School in Ladue, Missouri; Second Congregational Church in Greenwich, Connecticut; First Congregational Church in Terre Haute, Indiana; and Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula in Carmel, California.

Jim's education includes a Bachelor of Arts, Elmhurst College; and a Master of Divinity, Eden Theological Seminary. He has continued his education at Whittier College, The American School, Jerusalem, Israel, Oxford University and the Hudson Institute.

Jim's professional experience includes advisory councils and boards of directors. Along with his own counselors and faculty at the Bracher Center, he restores integrity through insight.

Co-author of the book Integrity Matters with Daniel E. Halloran.

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Darrel A. Mank, Ph.D.

Del MankDel Mank sells and delivers engineering leadership programs integrating technology, R&D and financial management expertise for the Bracher Center clients. Del provides a powerful and practical blend of high-tech industry experience along side academic credentials in engineering, financial and general management. Del has 35 years of semiconductor industry experience with international business knowledge as a senior executive in both private and publicly held companies. His successful turn-around experiences with troubled businesses provides a practical backdrop for managerial assessment and coaching with clear organizational execution direction. He has researched and published in the area of managing R&D expenditures in high tech companies for best shareholder returns.

Del has also created, with Jim Bracher, MBA Impact©  -  a workshop that combines best-practice processes with business and management experience. Successful long-term contributors understand and appreciate the skills and abilities of their associates, while acknowledging demands and obstacles colleagues confront. MBA Impact© provides key employees with effective operating knowledge and skills, along with interpersonal insights. MBA Impact© elevates performance through better understanding and application of strategy, structure, leadership, teamwork, marketing, finance, compliance and operations disciplines.

Mank is currently on the Board of Directors of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and he lectures at the Leavey School of Business of Santa Clara University in the area of Technology and Innovation Management. He is a past chair of Tundra's Audit committee and is currently an audit committee member.

Prior to Tundra, Del was with Cadence Design Systems as the Senior Vice President of Design Services, with Cirrus Logic where he held at various times the titles of Vice President and General Manager-Portable Products and Vice President of New Product Development, and with VLSI Technology as Vice President and General Manager of ASIC and Vice President of ASIC Operations. Mank began his high-tech career with Texas Instruments where he held a number of engineering and general management level positions.

Del received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, his MBA from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, and his PhD from the University of Missouri-Rolla in Engineering Management. His PhD dissertation, published in 2002, was titled "The Relationship Between R&D Spending and Shareholder Returns in High Technology Industries."

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Daniel E. Halloran

Daniel E. Halloran

Dan Halloran provides integrity-centered consulting with an emphasis on increasing international impact. He also directs the expansion of the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership. As a natural extension of his 40 years in business, he provides the Bracher Center with a multi-disciplinary approach derived from assignments in human resources, finance, sales and operations. Dan's global perspective has been refined through leadership he provided for Motorola to the countries and cultures of Greater Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Dan ended his 33-year Motorola career as a Vice-President in 2001. Prior to joining the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership, Dan was responsible for the human resource delivery system for the Asia Pacific Region for four of the businesses of Motorola. He later directed the shared services functions supporting Motorola's 30,000 employees in the Asia Pacific Region.

Dan supported Motorola's Asia-Pacific Region while residing in Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore. Moving to London, Dan directed staffing functions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has managed public seminars in human resources for the Australia Quality Council in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney; on behalf of Motorola University in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and on behalf of the American Society of Training & Development in Phoenix.

Dan served as a board member of Motorola Shanghai Paging Products Co., Inc., and on the Motorola Ethics Boards in China, Korea and Singapore. He was a guest lecturer at the European Institute of Business Management (INSEAD) and Harvard University on the Management of Expatriate Employees, as well as for the Industrial Relations Institute in Seoul, Korea, and the Japan Council on Aging in Tokyo.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Notre Dame and received his Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University. Professional and community involvements have included serving on boards of civic, charitable and professional organizations.

Co-author of the book Integrity Matters with James F. Bracher

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D. Van Skilling

D. Van SkillingVan Skilling provides planning and development expertise, serving as counselor and advisor. Van's 40 years in business contribute practicality and perspective in the efforts of the Bracher Center to restore trust in leadership.

Skilling ended his career as Chairman and CEO of Experian (formerly known as TRW Information Systems & Services) in 1999 and then formed Skilling Enterprises. Experian is a leading global supplier of consumer and business credit information, direct marketing and transaction processing services. Based in Orange County, California, its 11,000 employees generated sales of approximately $1.6B in fiscal year 1999.

Van was named Chairman and CEO in 1996 when Experian was formed through a leveraged buy-out from TRW. Subsequently, Great Universal Stores, based in the U.K., merged its CCN business into Experian and acquired the company.

A 26-year veteran with TRW Inc., Skilling was Executive Vice President of TRW and General Manager of its Information Systems and Services Group prior to the Experian spin-off. He was appointed to lead TRW's information business in 1989. Previously he was Corporate Vice President for Planning and Development, responsible for developing TRW's worldwide strategic plans and executing related business development actions including acquisitions, divestitures and strategic partnerships. Prior to that he held a number of marketing, project, financial and general management positions with TRW.

Van earned an MBA in International Business from Pepperdine University and a BS degree in Chemistry and Zoology from The Colorado College.

Skilling is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Colorado College and a member of the Board of Directors of First American Corporation, Lamson and Sessions Inc, McData Corporation and American Business Bank. In addition he is a Schlessman Executive-in-Residence on the faculty of Colorado College and a docent at the Living Desert Museum. He is a former director of The Conference Board and the California Business Roundtable where he chaired the Education Task Force.

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