Team Integrity. Individual members of a team exhibit unique operating styles, which can create misunderstandings and reduce productivity. Team members benefit from insight that improves communication. Our process enables individual members to more effectively answer these questions:

  1. How do team members leverage their understanding of each other?
  2. How do these same individuals appreciate complementary strengths?
  3. How are individual differences accommodated?
  4. How are conflicts constructively resolved?
  5. How are organizational values made real?
  6. How do successes drive collaboration?
  7. How do team members derive increased productivity from failures?
  8. How do team members hold one another accountable?

By utilizing our team process with information previously gathered from individual "Portrait" sessions, participants gain confidence and efficiency in communicating with one another.

In this way, your teams build committed "ownership" of the organization's values, vision, mission, goals and objectives.

With the addition of new people, the Team Integrity process is repeated. It facilitates new member integration and expands "ownership" of the organization's priorities.

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