Strategic and Tactical Integrity. Leaders know that strategy energizes directives. Guiding associates effectively necessitates constancy and consistency in planning the work and working the plan. Casual abdication of principles in rough weather breeds contempt among followers and glee from competitors. Setting priorities based upon a substantive strategy reassures the workforce and compounds the efforts that underpin success. Leaders are steady.

Tactics bring organizations closest to the customer. Relentless measurements, continuously seeking improvement, enhance successful performance. Diagnostics monitor transactions and assist with customer service and product refinements. Leaders pursue perfection.

Serving organizational development leaders, the Bracher Center Certification in Strategic and Tactical Integrity* provides clients and their stakeholders with valuable tools in the administration of education and culture to further expand interpersonal knowledge with constructive applications. To qualify as an organizational development leader* (receiving additional education and training through the Bracher Center), the following questions must be answered “yes” by the recommending executive and then approved by the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership:

  1. Is the individual effective in communicating throughout the organization?
  2. Does the nominee exhibit interpersonal ease and problem-solving creativity, including the delivery of forthright critique with both accuracy and tact, at multiple organizational levels?
  3. Has the candidate been a standout in the application of the Bracher Center’s Executive Integrity Program which includes the successful utilization of both the Portrait © and Feedback ©?

* Our Strategic and Tactical Integrity Program requires the previous successful participation in the Bracher Center’s Executive Integrity Program. The Executive Integrity Program includes the Portrait© (Addressing Interpersonal Integrity); and Feedback © (Toward Continuous Improvement), which measures and monitors organizational integrity.

Presented in four modules, our Strategic and Tactical Integrity Program will train the organizational development leader in the use of powerful interpretative behavioral tools along with the practical application of these tools. When organizational beliefs are clear and operating behaviors are consistent, then productivity-enhancing alignment is the by-product. Organizational, operational and cultural alignment enables all members of the team to improve their long-term effectiveness in addition to the immediate impact of their efforts. Insight, awareness and discipline lead to success. These four modules, when successfully completed, equip organizational development leaders to:

  1. Understand, interpret and communicate behavioral patterns for and with colleagues to improve organizational effectiveness.
  2. Deliver constructive and objective counsel regarding operational impact and guide performance-improving actions.
  3. Develop customer-responsive environments, internal and external.
  4. Align behaviors with beliefs so that stakeholders rally around constructive values in the accomplishment of mission: the acquisition and retention of customers.

To learn how to qualify for the Strategic and Tactical Integrity Program: contact us