Executive Integrity. Successful executives know who they are and how to leverage their own values, knowledge and abilities to generate productivity. Effective executives capitalize on the complementary assets of their colleagues. Our executive effectiveness program combines the Portrait (interpersonal integrity) and Feedback (organizational integrity) with our on-going counsel (individual integrity) to more quickly realize the potential of individuals, either those growing from within the company, or those being selected from the outside. Perceptive executives seek methods to ensure continuous improvement for themselves and those around them.

Questions senior executives have asked us to answer regarding their key people:

  1. Are they players?
  2. Do they share the dream?
  3. Can they be trusted?
  4. Will they perform?
  5. How far can they grow?

Additional questions senior executives have asked us to answer regarding candidates from outside:

  1. What is their capacity?
  2. Will they fit?
  3. How long will they thrive?
  4. What will their vulnerabilities cost?
  5. What is the recommended assimilation strategy?

For methods that provide answers to these and other critical leadership questions, contact us

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