Investment Integrity. There are five "moments of truth" when investors must know -- through due diligence -- the behavior and the potential of senior members of leadership teams. Capitalization opportunities require accurate information about leadership capacity. These "moments of truth" exist:

  1. at the venture formation stage
  2. before mezzanine financing
  3. prior to major funding
  4. during merger discussions
  5. while planning an acquisition
Our leadership capacity "due diligence" pinpoints the expertise and potential of senior leaders. With our efficiency in determining the preparedness of those leaders in whom you may be investing, we reduce your expenditure of time, which is money. In the process, we clarify needs that complement the counsel you routinely provide. We enhance your effectiveness as investors. A building block for this work is our Portrait Process ©.

The Portrait Process*

The Portrait Process© provides a "mirror" offering increased self-awareness and represents the greatest single opportunity to leverage interpersonal integrity and effectiveness. Objective behavior information obtained through an in-depth effectiveness study helps leaders recognize their strengths and vulnerabilities. The Portrait© is more than a snapshot. The interpretation and application of the data capture the capacity and the potential of the individual. Our Portrait Process© answers six key questions by assessing, presenting and validating, with precision, the nature of an individual’s leadership potential.

  1. How well does the individual listen?
  2. Does the individual communicate effectively?
  3. What is his or her clarity on issues?
  4. How will this person tend to move vision to action?
  5. Will cultural concepts be readily translated into operating behaviors?
  6. What will be the time-frame for engaging team members?

Our measurements address:

  1. problem-solving (strengths and vulnerabilities)
  2. operational preferences (prioritizing, details, interpersonal ease and creativity)
  3. internal motivations (consistencies and conflicts)
  4. external behaviors (tendencies and habits - constructive or counter-productive)
  5. leadership-management (task versus people and security versus self-actualization)
  6. decision-making (options desired and time-frames needed)

The Portrait© provides insights that enable our clients to know when, where and how to function more effectively. Interpersonal integrity causes executives to be more at ease with their leadership responsibilities, supervisory roles, and organizational relationships. The Portrait© provides an accurate mirror for leaders as they build on their interpersonal integrity. The team application of the Portrait© process creates an environment between and among team members that fosters trust and loyalty, enhancing productivity.

The Portrait© serves as a building block to improve communications with colleagues. By learning more efficient ways to understand, appreciate and accommodate diverse management styles, productivity can be increased. Six benefits for those who leverage insights from the Portrait© process:

  1. Refined listening skills
  2. Faster communication
  3. Clarity on issues
  4. Vision which calls for action
  5. Culture that shapes operating behavior
  6. Team member engagement

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* The Portrait is provided to the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership by Dimension Five Consultants, Inc.

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