MBA Impact©: the power and impact of effective business leadership.

Unlike books or lectures, MBA Impact© is an interactive, best-practices workshop providing business-focused leadership essentials and immediate common-sense application. MBA Impact workshops provide business-basics and leadership-communications tools for those assuming more responsibilities.

MBA Impact© Insights workshops - Success Leadership Series
- elevate performance

  1. MBA Impact: Insights
    Finance and Human Resources
  2. MBA Impact: Insights
    Organization and Leadership
  3. MBA Impact: Insights
    Strategic Planning and Tactical Management
  4. MBA Impact: Insights
    Implementation and Profitability

MBA Impact: Essentials
MBA Impact: Essentials
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Individuals who successfully communicate the power and impact of effective business leadership will
grasp, respect and apply the essential operating disciplines required to build, sustain and grow organizations.

"Business knowledge without interpersonal skills can create destructive friction. Comfortable working environments without leadership and management expertise can create nothing or chaos - or both.'
-- Jim Bracher and Del Mank on the practical benefits of MBA Impact©

MBA Impact© workshop combines best-practice processes with business and management experience. Successful long-term contributors understand and appreciate the skills and abilities of their associates, while acknowledging demands and obstacles colleagues confront. MBA Impact© provides key employees with effective operating knowledge and skills, along with interpersonal insights. MBA Impact© elevates performance through better understanding and application of strategy, structure, leadership, teamwork, marketing, finance, compliance and operations disciplines.

Benefits - elevated performance - insights and applications:

  • Organization and Motivation: clarify functions and roles, leveraging incentives
  • Strategy: set achievable goals, assess impact and test for a winning plan
  • Leadership: capital, competence, character, clarity, communication, consistency, chemistry,
    confidence and compensation
  • Business Tools: de-mystify marketing, interpret finance and simplify legal issues
  • Production: communicate the challenges of transforming raw materials into 6-sigma products
  • Successful Succession: learn why people reject pretenders, respect managers and love leaders

Workshop Creators

James F. Bracher
James F. BracherJim Bracher, architect for the renewal of integrity-centered leadership, created the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership in 2002, as an extension of his 33 years advising individuals and organizations. Those who have sought Jim's counsel include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and individuals addressing succession concerns. Jim's leadership development firm Dimension Five Consultants, Inc., of which he is Founder and Chairman, is located in Monterey, California, and was established in 1980.

The motivation for the Bracher Center grew from suggestions of clients. They realized that Dimension Five was collecting data concerning effective and integrity-centered leadership that would enable leaders to gain insight into their own operational effectiveness as well as that of their organizations. Jim also saw a need for a Resources section on the website focused on learning, study, and knowledge concerning the role of integrity in effective leadership. The Bracher Center shares insights that have been gained by Dimension Five in consultation with 8,000 leaders.

His work has been featured on network television, in national newspapers and business journals. He is the originator of the "Talking with Leaders" symposia. Jim writes a weekly newspaper column, Integrity Matters, and he is published in both English and Spanish. Jim has conducted leadership effectiveness workshops - MBA Impact - in association with Extended Education at California State University - Monterey Bay. Jim lectures on leadership and golf based on his published-research in PGA Professionals Magazine - September, 2006: Leadership requirements similar for PGA Professionals and corporate executives - "What they didn't teach you in business school that your golf professional might"

Prior to Dimension Five, Jim, an ordained clergyman, served ten years as a chaplain, associate minister, and senior pastor. His assignments were Saint Louis Country Day School in Ladue, Missouri; Second Congregational Church in Greenwich, Connecticut; First Congregational Church in Terre Haute, Indiana; and Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula in Carmel, California.

Jim's education includes a Bachelor of Arts, Elmhurst College; and a Master of Divinity, Eden Theological Seminary. He has continued his education at Whittier College, The American School, Jerusalem, Israel, Oxford University and the Hudson Institute.

Jim's professional experience includes advisory councils and boards of directors. Along with his own counselors and faculty at the Bracher Center, he restores integrity through insight.

Co-author of the book Integrity Matters with Daniel E. Halloran.

Darrel A. Mank, Ph.D.
Del Mank
Del Mank
creates, markets, sells and delivers engineering leadership programs integrating technology, R&D and financial management expertise. Del provides a practical blend of high-tech industry experience along side academic credentials in engineering, financial and general management.

Del has 35 years of semiconductor industry experience with international business knowledge as a senior executive in both private and publicly held companies. His successful turn-around experiences with troubled businesses provides a practical backdrop for managerial assessment and coaching with clear organizational execution direction. He has researched and published in the area of managing R&D expenditures in high tech companies for best shareholder returns.

Mank serves on the Board of Directors of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and he lectures at the Leavey School of Business of Santa Clara University in the area of Technology and Innovation Management. He is a past chair of Tundra's Audit committee and is currently an audit committee member.

Prior to Tundra, Del was with Cadence Design Systems, Cirrus Logic and VLSI Technology as a senior executive. Mank began his high-tech career with Texas Instruments where he held several engineering and general management positions.

Del received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, his MBA from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, and his PhD from the University of Missouri-Rolla in Engineering Management. His PhD dissertation, published in 2002, was titled "The Relationship Between R&D Spending and Shareholder Returns in High Technology Industries."

Workshop content – three examples of what we do:


Our Portrait Process© increases interpersonal effectiveness.  Leaders learn how to identify multiple operating styles, beginning with their own, and constructive ways to interact. Self-awareness, combined with social sensitivity, improves listening and impact. Interactive discussions are used to validate insights and applications.

Finance and Accounting

Using 10K’s and annual reports, the basics of accounting and finance are made personal and practical.  Understanding the numbers, yours and your competitors, becomes the basis for financial comparisons and more prudent use of resources.  Study groups develop and present financial analyses.


Product life-cycles, market segmentation, positioning strategies and channels are defined in practical language, enabling all stakeholders to understand and better leverage decisions regarding resource allocation, product development and manufacturing priorities. Break-out groups wrestle with product-positioning and market-timing.

MBA Impact© Workshops:

1. Essentials: in one day*- find answers to the "What" questions:

  • What are the building blocks of sound business management?
  • What improves planning, decision-making and communications?
  • What are the "pre-requisites" of business knowledge that enable individuals to "move up"?

2. Insightsin one or more additional days*-  expand on the Essentials ("What"), applying knowledge to the "How" questions:

  • How does one leverage strategic planning with finance, product development and sales?
  • How do insights about multiple business disciplines improve productivity?
  • How can interpersonal awareness reduce turnover, strengthen teams and increase profits?

3. Applicationscustom designed* - includes Essentials, Insights and addresses     "When and Where" concerns:

  • When is the right time to staff, teach corporate culture, measure plans against budgets?
  • Where is the ideal intersection for marketing, engineering, finance and sales discussions?
  • When should compliance information be presented to employees?

* MBA Impact© workshops can be custom-designed for the company, division or organization.

To utilize MBA Impact© for your key people, to learn more, and to discuss customized workshops,
please contact us.

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