Global Integrity. Successful expatriates must be grounded in their own values and beliefs. Their self-awareness enables them to leverage their talents, character and abilities to generate productivity in multicultural settings. They integrate their behavior with local customs in a manner that overcomes routine barriers to outsiders. Effectiveness in international assignments requires capitalizing upon the complementary local resources.

Our international impact process combines the Portrait (interpersonal integrity) and Feedback (organizational integrity) with our on-going counsel (individual integrity) to understand cross-cultural areas of strength and vulnerability. We identify developmental needs quickly, while enabling corporate leadership to maximize the potential of candidates for international assignments. Perceptive expatriates seek methods to ensure continuous improvement for themselves and those around them in the context of the cultures in which they operate. If you wish to reduce the risks of costly global disappointments and accelerate international impact, contact us.

Questions successful multinational managers must answer regarding their key people prior to international assignments:

  1. Are they motivated to work in another culture...and is their family willing?
  2. Do they share the belief in multi-cultural leverage?
  3. Can they be trusted?
  4. Have the expectations for this assignment been communicated?
  5. Will they and their family adapt with ease to other cultures?
  6. Will colleagues from unfamiliar cultures tend to react favorably to their style?
  7. What support will they need to be successful?
  8. Will their leadership style enhance or inhibit performance?
  9. Will they grow as international citizens and leaders?
  10. What is the strategy to capitalize upon the wisdom gained by the returning expatriate?
  11. Are they likely to return to "home base" better - or bitter?

For methods that provide answers to these and other critical leadership questions; including consultation that relates to family relocation challenges, contact us.

Multicultural Organizational Integrity. Successful individuals in multicultural organizations know the right way to do the right things, repeatedly. When organizational beliefs are clear and operating behaviors are consistent, then productivity-enhancing alignment is the by-product. Organizational, operational and cultural alignment enables all members of the team to improve longer-term effectiveness along with immediate impact. Insight, awareness and discipline lead to success.

Questions successful multinational leaders address to make sure their organizations do the right things, the right way, repeatedly:

  1. Do those in leadership roles understand, appreciate and accommodate cultural differences?
  2. Do those responsible for integrating cultures utilize a proven "bridging" mechanism?
  3. Does the leader demonstrate culturally-inclusive listening skills?
  4. Have constructive leadership behaviors been clearly defined, communicated and modeled?
  5. What process is in place to recognize, encourage and reward cultural congruence?
  6. What methods are utilized to encourage other members of the organization to exhibit appropriate behaviors, all the time?
  7. How will high morale be sustained with constant pressures to resist cultural integration?
  8. What mechanisms are in place to mitigate demoralizing and destructive "third party" critique?
  9. What is the process that monitors progress?

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