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December 5, 2007

Jane Bracher wind below firm's wings

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For the past six years, our firm has recognized the valuable contributions of a former employee, Clyde W. Klaumann, by identifying the service excellence of colleagues. Recipients have exhibited common traits: intensity, sensitivity and follow-through, alongside integrity, quality, perseverance, loyalty and professionalism.

Regardless of organizational size, structure or function, there is great benefit in recognizing those who have "gone the extra mile." Acknowledging, publicly, valuable contributions is important, and memorializing them can be magic.

So, thank you to my business partner of 27 years and my best friend and wife of 41 years - Jane K. Bracher, 2008 recipient of Clyde W. Klaumann Award - who has just retired as president of the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership.

Jane directed the growth and impact of the Bracher Center for Integrity in Leadership, beginning in 2002, an extension of Dimension Five Consultants Inc., an executive management consultancy founded in 1980. Addressing management and leadership development concerns for national and international clients, Jane oversaw the expansion of the organization's impact from a few word-of-mouth referrals to a resource for identifying talent, domestically and internationally, while building teams for organizational impact and profit. Originally hired for two weeks part-time to manage finances, her responsibilities expanded from accounting to operations, culminating with her becoming president.

Jane directed the building of a respected consulting enterprise, which was established in 1980 and until December was located in Monterey but is now in Carmel. Jane simultaneously has scaled down the firm's activities from national and international assignments to primarily regional projects.

In 1993, Jane renamed Dimension Five's individual leadership assessment approach, originally called profiling. She saw ways to better leverage the value-added impact of this executive effectiveness process, building a consulting approach into a brand, called a leadership Portrait. Instead of focusing on how people were behaving, using a standard organizational development approach, Jane saw that focusing on the potential of the individual would enable clients to even more positively impact organizational growth. Her emphasis on positive public relations enabled the consultation approach to be featured on network television, in national newspapers and business journals. Jane and I were the originators of the "Talking with Leaders" symposia, celebrating our first 10 years of Dimension Five Consultants in 1990.

She has built and strengthened a consulting business by leveraging her own intensity, sensitivity and follow-through, alongside her integrity, quality, perseverance, loyalty and professionalism.


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