Integrity Matters
March 2, 2005

Integrity conversation has plenty of room for all


Twenty-five years ago, on March 1, 1980, our executive-effectiveness consulting business, Dimension Five Consultants Inc. was founded. Our work centered on restoring integrity through insight, with a vision to expand the integrity conversation to help build a world in which people do what they say, are forthright in their communications and a handshake solidifies any promise.

On Dec. 4, 2002, this "Integrity Matters" column was launched in The Salinas Californian. It was followed in May 2004 with the publication of our first book, "Integrity Matters." Three concerns drove this emphasis on integrity in leadership:

  • Fear that society's values are eroding, in business and in private lives.
  • Uncertainty that the next generation is being provided substantive guidelines by which to avoid self-destruction.
  • Doubt that without constant reminders of the need to think seriously and behave responsibly both political and economic freedoms will disappear.

As we move further into the 21st century, the excesses of a few appear to have punished the whole of society, especially the economy.

A world has been created where the prevailing structures promote the politics of convenience over the commitment of leadership.

Too large a part of the business community enjoyed the excesses of luxury as it drifted from quick deals to devastating dishonesty.

It is time to address our shortcomings because it should be common knowledge that society must regulate itself - one person and one action at a time - or governments will.

Perhaps the following questions will challenge you and prompt you to submit your own a question for this column:

  • When will the public demand that civility replace rudeness on television, radio and between and among elected officials?
  • Will sports fans demand that professional athletes cease their circus antics of performance-enhancing "shows" and return to honest competition and admirable behavior, on and off of the playing fields?
  • How can a multicultural society, such as the USA, succeed unless integrity influences how we evolve from what has been a melting pot culture to an even more powerful mosaic?
  • What must be done to restore respect for public servants? If something is not done, who will be willing to become officers of the law?
  • What happened to the reporting of news? Is it now simply about entertainment, market share and selling advertising?
Will you please contribute to the "Integrity Matters" dialogue, send us your questions and help address fears, uncertainties and doubts?

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