Integrity Matters
October 19, 2005

Rape, murder rate worst for a lack of integrity

Question: (E-210)

Dear Jim:

Where do you place rape in your lack-of-integrity ranking?


Rape is the worst, right next to murder. In a world too often uncomfortable distinguishing between right and wrong, despicable actions such as rape and murder must be condemned and stopped. Very few actions defy all rules of civilized behavior, but rape is one of them. Rape - sexual violence against another human - is carried out by individuals with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior, leaving victims scarred for life.

Rapists crave power, viciously dominating victims to satisfy their depraved desires. When innocent children are violated, the awful becomes the unthinkable. When antisocial and illegal behaviors are ignored or simply tolerated, even while being superficially condemned by those in authority, society suffers. The tolerance for sexual abuse contaminates humanity.

Is a married male who rapes a young female any less or more criminally liable than a gay who violates a person of the same sex? Sexual violation of another person is not a matter of lifestyle preference. It is a legal matter, raising questions about integrity, morality, respect and the judicial system that must prosecute it.

Conducting "witch-hunts" may be a convenient and "politically-correct" response to sexual abuse; however, "lifestyle" litmus tests will not take the place of rigorous and uncompromising policing of sexual violence. Persecuting scapegoats is not delivering justice.

Can integrity-centered human beings condone the behavior of those who use their position to sexually violate others? Modern society protects wetlands from violence. Should boys and girls, or adults, be provided lesser levels of care? Animals, trees, oceans, streams, public facilities and air travel are protected from smoke, fire, alcohol and the pollution of loud noise and pornography. The crime of rape must be condemned and eradicated.

Responsible individuals offer integrity-centered answers to these four questions:

  • Who can justify looking the other way when convicted rapists are not confined and monitored?
  • What kinds of leaders tolerate inquisition-like questioning about lifestyle preference, further clouding the issue of criminal behavior, while avoiding the legitimate dialogue about social and interpersonal integrity?
  • How civilized is a society that has, for too long, challenged rape victims themselves, as perpetrators of the crime, when they find the courage to confront rapists?
  • When will rape victims be praised for seeking justice by dragging "closet socio-paths" into court?

Where will you stand when asked to support those who would end rape, everywhere, forever?

Perhaps rapists should be spotlighted and brought to justice in ways similar to those being used by media giant, Oprah Winfrey. Her personal and professional mission is to protect society from child molesters, legally and permanently. Learn from her and take action, now. Integrity matters.

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